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Hardwood floor species are available for endless design options. You can opt for the more traditional look of oak or the rustic look of Birch. If you like a more elegant and modern look there are exotic woods such as Brazilian Cherry. We have the wood flooring for every design and budget.

Ashwood Flooring

Harder than oak
Easy to stain
Harder to get wide or long planks
Elasticity muffles sound for a quieter floor.

Birch Flooring

Heavy duty, shock resistant
Good for commercial use
Harder to damage
Can be stained, but better to be left natural

Cherry Flooring

Pinkish undertones, darkens with age and exposure
Softer, more prone to dents
Not a good choice with kids or pets



Hickory Flooring

Hardest domestic wood on the market
Good choice with kids and pets – extremely durable
Retains stain well & a lot of color options
Versatile, can be used in rustic or formal rooms
Higher priced
Not particularly resistant to moisture

Jatoba(Brazilian Cherry) Flooring

Not actually cherry
Hardest wood flooring
Red or Salmon colored with darker strips throughout
Accepts stain easily
More expensive

Maple Flooring

Best left natural, harder to stain
Fine grain that gives it a fairly uniform look,
making it easy to change décor
Scratches easily  

Walnut Flooring

Rich dark coloring, best for large areas
Highly insect repellant
Good for high humidity
Not good for high traffic areas or rooms with heavy furniture

Oak Flooring

Red Oak

Most popular
Abundant & affordable
Stain friendly
High durability
Stable-Good for high humidity

White Oak

Easy to get
Easy to stain light color so it works for many color options
More durable & dent resistant than red oak
Stable, more resistant to warping